Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Common questions asked from customers about the Falcon golf products. 

Q: Is the X-1 USGA approved?

A: Yes! USGA has approved these attachments. According to their site:
"If a committee decides to use a flagstick that does not meet the Equipment Rules to minimize the possibility of exposing players to coronavirus, a temporary measure is in place to permit scores played under this condition to be acceptable for handicapping purposes while such modifications are in use. This measure is in effect within the United States until advised otherwise by the USGA."


Q:How quickly do they process?

We usually ship all orders within 1-2 business day of making your purchase. 

Q: Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, we ship to all countries around the world. The only difference is the shipping costs and time to deliver depend entirely on where you are. 

Q: How quickly does my order take to deliver?

Unfortunately, due to COVID we have seen some variability in the shipping speeds from different carriers. We have no control over how long certain shipping providers take to deliver our packages. Inside the US they usually deliver in 2-4 business days. Outside of the US totally depends on the country and shipping provider. 


Q: Does the ball stay in the cup or does it fall out? 

It's your choice! We ship all X1 orders with a thin set of foam wedges, which can optionally be installed on your cups. When the wedges are installed, the ball will automatically fall out when the sleeve is lifted.